Personal Injury Claims

The law has been put together to protect the public and so when anyone comes to harm, then they have a right to claim compensation from the person that caused those injuries. However, people can sometimes not want to make a claim or do not realise that they can.

It is important to be aware of your rights in that if you have an accident that was not your fault, then you might be able to try to get compensation for the injury. If the injury is caused by negligence such as wet floors, loose paving slabs and things like that, then someone is to blame and it is not the injured party and so they should be able to get compensation. Whether the fault lies with the council, a company or an individual, it is still possible to claim compensation from them.

It can be felt that a court case will be stressful, but finding the right solicitor will allow you to relax and let them get on with the work in hand. Using a no win, no fee set up will be even better as there will be no fees to pay if the case is lost and so very little financial risk.